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Architecture & Design Network the only platform in the world dedicated to promoting and advancing architecture and design industry across the countries of the region. Committed to boosting the region’s presence on the global architecture and design landscape, architecture network is the only meeting place which brings together the most prominent decision makers from across the world representing the top global firms and architecture personalities to champion  the potential of the regions.  

Architecture & Design Network is dedicated to developing, celebrating and connecting architects, interior designs and senior decision makers from leading international market practices, contractors, developers, government officials, engineers, and solution providers. Gathering the most senior industry professionals from across the world, the summit provides a unique opportunity to learn from and get inspired by leaders, luminaries, and legends from within and outside architecture, set future business plans, appreciate breathtaking and daring architecture and design.

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Ultimate Opportunity

Qualifying the Market

Researching, analysing and prequalifying the buyers and their projects, we make sure you capitalize on potential leads, maximizing business opportunity.

Ultimate Buyer Access

Connecting prequalified projects and their pre-screened buyers, we ensure that every opportunity focuses only on your success.

Bringing Global Leaders

The only gathering that hosts global industry leaders that share their business expertise, insights on future opportunities, future project requirements and buying strategy.

Breakthrough Insights

Addressing the most critical topics in the industry, the summit explores the most innovative strategies and effective business solutions, bringing the most daring and unique ideas to life.

Architecture Network Experts

What’s On

Buyer’s Club

Architecture Network & Design BUYERS’ CLUB is unique, commercially driven platform created to introduce international and regional suppliers to pre-qualied buyers and strategic partners to unlock sales opportunities, expand business network and increase market share. Understanding the niche requirements of both side, series of one to one pre scheduled business meetings are carefully planned to help companies to meet new clients and gain more business opportunities.

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Market Place

Architecture & Design Network Market Place will shine a spotlight on the latest developments and changing face of global and regional architecture-design industry. It provides a unique opportunity for the industry professionals to explore the newest solutions for their current and upcoming projects.

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Headline Stage

Bringing global and regional industry leaders, architecture network explores the latest trends and innovation in architecture and design. With the breakthrough ideas and opinions shared by renowned experts, headline stage opens a dialogue for the new business opportunities and explores new projects.

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Who's Coming

Meet the most sought-after architects, designers, specifiers and real estate developers in charge of the newest key projects across the EMEA region. The business leaders who will share their projects’ requirement and wish list of the suppliers to work.

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“I’m enthusiastic to come to the event for this lecture in occasion of the event Architecture and Design Network. That’s why I will speak about how can we densify the cities and keep good quality
of life. What added value can we give to the citizens? How can we be more social, more human, more courageous, more active, more open? In short: How can we make the city of the future?”

Gideon Maasland

Director & Architect MVRDV

I am glad to be part of the Architecture and Design Network Summit. It is for me a real pleasure to take this opportunity to meet the most prominent decision makers in the industry and share about the future of the design industry in the region. I am convinced that this event will contribute to push innovation in architecture and design in this region where Accor has a large portfolio of brands from Luxe to Economy.”

Damien Perrot

Global Senior Vice President Design Multibrand Accor

“I am excited to participate in the upcoming Architecture and Design Network Summit. I am looking forward to join prominent peers in the industry and discuss future opportunities and trends that are shaping the architecture industry in the region. I am convinced that this event will help to advance our vision of architecture and design in the future.”

Burkhard Musselmann

Managing Principal Stantec

“I am very excited to be included in the next Architecture and Design Network forum. Such an opportunity provides me with a platform to discuss the latest in design innovation and share knowledge with so many great minds from across our global industry. This is 100% in line
with what we do at Woods Bagot, constantly looking for ways to improve upon what we know to deliver the best architecture for people.”

Julian Cross

Principal & Design Leader Woods Bagot

“As we grow our business and networks across the Europe region, taking part in this event is going to be a great opportunity to build connections with the industry. I am looking forward to sharing my
thoughts on the business side of architecture, and hearing from architecture and design colleagues from around the globe.”

Steven Charlton

Managing Director, Principal Perkins&Will

“The Architecture and Design Summit presents an exciting opportunity for peers in our industry to discuss challenges and opportunities that are shaping the future of the design profession within the region. Industry forums such as this critical to providing a platform for collective engagement, discourse and promotion which are key elements to the HOK ethos whereby excellence in design and innovasion and making sure we are prepare for our future leaders.”

Daniel Hajjar

Managing Principal HOK

“It is our pleasure to sponsor the upcoming Architecture and Design Network Summit. I am excited about this opportunity to meet and discuss with prominent peers in the industry and discuss future
business opportunities and trends that are shaping the architecture-design industry in the region. I have no doubt that this event will present a great platform to promote business relations for us. This aligns very well with our progressive vision in Unilin, to bring innovation and technical excellence to the market and book our global presence as a powerhouse in serving the industry.”

Juan Fernández Y Mendez

Global Sales Director Unilin Division Flooring

“We are pleased sponsor the upcoming Architecture and Design Network Summit. It is a natural step stone of our global interaction with prominent peers in the business. We look forward to meet new
contacts and to elaborate on design and sustainability elements of  new projects.
Undoubtably this event will present an interesting platform to present the core competences of HORNING to relevant decision makers and It is essential for us to keep on informing about of our Floors for Gener- sustainable drivers wihich are so important for future generations.”

Peter Vissing

CEO & Partner Horning

“Bentzon Carpets is excited to sponsor the upcoming Architecture and Design Network Summit. We welcome this opportunity to meet and discuss with prominent peers in the industry and discuss future business opportunities in the egion as well as promote our brand. I am certain this event will enable us to expand our presence in the region.”

Ulrich Stenager Heiselberg

Export Manager Bentzon Carpet

“I am very excited about becoming part of the Architecture and cannot wait to meet all those important top global companies and architecture personalities in person and to debate about our
sector’s future. The face to face contact is what I appreciate most. I personally believe that the regions bear a great potential for world-class real estate projects.”

Maciej Danielak

Export Sales Manager KAMPMANN GmbH

Architecture Network News

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In the next three years, Budapest will welcome newly built four and five-star hotels all across the city with more than 4,500 rooms. The available five-star accommodations will expand with another 1,500 rooms shortly. Portfólio reported that these new luxurious hotels would be built in the city centre …

Architecture Network Sponsors

Architecture Network Partners


Bentzon Carpets

Concentrating on quality and an exceptional product differentiation Bentzon Carpets have created one of the leading productions of exclusive woven carpets.

Bentzon Carpets has retained traditional weaving methods even though the carpets of today are manufactured on advanced high-technology looms ensuring a uniform production with the possibility of many different structures. A large part of our domestic products are made of pure new wool of the best quality, while contract products are produced of the latest developed generations in polyamide or in 80/20 wool/polyamide.

Bentzon Carpets has established a strong position on the contract market, where the carpets are installed in high traffic areas such as shops, offices, cinemas, airports, libraries and hotels. The range of colours and patterns is large and we concentrate on manufacturing products after a Scandinavian minimalistic design. These products are characterised by a long lasting quality and easy maintenance.


At home in the contract market DELIUS offers the suitable concept for every kind of project: flame-retardant blackout fabrics and sheers as well as furnishing and upholstery fabrics in differing designs. These give a suitable well-feeling atmosphere to hotels, restaurants, shops, cinemas, theatres, offices, schools and kindergartens.

In order to meet the highest quality requirements the product developments are subjected to numerous technical tests. Independent testing institutes examine and confirm the excellent properties – for example the quality of flame retardent fabrics for contract use world wide.

In addition to high fabric quality, innovative designs, creative colour compositions and practical functionality set the standard for our products.

Czech RAKO ceramic tiles are known all over the world

LASSELSBERGER, s. r.o. is a company manufacturing and selling ceramic tiles under the RAKO trademark, boasting a tradition of nearly 140 years. Long-standing know-how, innovative technologies, the use of modern knowledge in the sector and a comprehensive tile selection, including construction chemistry, rank LASSELSBERGER, s.r.o. alongside Europe´s major manufacturers of ceramic tiling materials.

The attractiveness of products going under the RAKO trademark is augmented by the company´s wide-ranging supply of ceramic products used in housing construction. Demanding object and highly-developed system solutions using ceramic tiling are complemented by a wide range of construction chemicals.

Horning Bentzon Rako

HORNING was founded in 1929 and is based on fine craftsmanship which plays a vital role in the company’s values and business goals. We offer a wide range of solid floors in Oak, Ash, Douglas in a large variety of exotic wood species.
Quality and sustainability are defining characteristics of the company. We are driven by the values of UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We are CE, FSC and have achieved Eurofins Gold Certification.
Among our many notable project references are the airports in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Bergen, Venice, Amman and the new airport in Olso, the National Museum of Oslo, the National Library in Madrid and not least the famous building of Arne Jacobsen – Aarhus City Hall – installed in 1939 and still in use.

Solid wood floors that last for generations is HORNINGs trademark.

“We are pleased sponsor the upcoming Architecture and Design Network Summit. It is a natural step stone of our global interaction with prominent peers in the business. We look forward to meet new contacts and to elaborate on design and sustainability elements of new projects.

Undoubtably this event will present an interesting platform to present the core competences of HORNING to relevant decision makers and influencers in the industry.

“It is essential for us to keep on informing about of our Floors for Generations concept as solid wood flooring in many aspects supports the sustainable drivers wihich are so important for future generations.” Peter Vissing, CEO and Partner of HORNING.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a European multinational company providing energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. It addresses homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries, by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services


GranitiFiandre S.p.A., is a company belonging to Iris Ceramica Group, leading manufacturer of high range porcelain stoneware. GranitiFiandre has a presence in over 110 countries throughout the world with a wide choice of solutions for floors and coverings which range from the contract to the wellness and residential industry, and from the medical to the leisure industry, responding to all building and living requirements. GranitiFiandre, through the Fiandre Architectural Surfaces brand, continued with undeniable success along a path marked by new goals to reach, consolidating its business in all the markets acquired over the years. Its commitment is based on over 50 years’ history, during which quality, skill and innovation went hand in hand, bringing the company into a predominant market position. Constant updating of the technological tools available to the company is what enables it to best protect the environment from the harmful effects of industrialisation, always focusing on new opportunities.


Fatra is Czech producer of homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC flooring in rolls and tiles. As a major plastics processing company founded in 1935, we export to more than 50 countries. Due to modern technologies and over 1200 qualified employees we bring high quality products on the market such as PVC rolls and tiles LINO Fatra, luxury vinyl tiles Thermofix, Imperio and floating vinyl floors with click system WELL-click, FatraClick and RS-click. Our products are designed for residential and commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and light industrial buildings. Our manufacturing processes are set for zero-waste production. With phthalates free production recipe we bring high quality and durable products with modern design.

‘ We look forward to attend at the upcoming Architecture and Design Network Summit. The future lies in seizing opportunities which this summit certainly is. Getting to know new potential future business partners is pleasant occasion. I consider every meeting as a opportunity to get quality and valuable feedback on our products and direction that our company is going in. I believe that this event will be beneficial for all visitors and create a lot of new business partnerships. The main reason why Fatra exists is to bring quality to human lives. So we do hope that the we will have opportunity to show or let others to experience the Czech quality of vinyl flooring.’


Q.R.B.G. S.r.l., an Italian company, is the proud owner of the Quarella brand which has been a leader in the production and marketing of marble and quartz engineered stone since 1965.

Innovators from the beginning, over the years Quarella has developed a technological capacity that makes our products a reference point for the whole market.

In line with the latest design trends we offer a wide range of products, finishes and solutions for numerous applications including flooring, wall cladding, benchtops, interior design solutions and constructive elements.

We are specialized both in large scale project and distribution segments where our extensive worldwide presence, long standing experience and dedicated technical support make us market leaders.


Kampmann was founded in 1972 in the North West of Germany. With entrepreneurial vision and a constant desire of innovation, it has become an international player in the HVAC industry.
Its sustainable climate systems for heating, cooling and ventilation adopt a leading position in various market segments today.
With headquarters and own R&D Centre in Germany, Kampmann forms a group of leading HVAC companies distributing all over the world, including Europe, Asia, Russia, China, Middle East and North America.
About 900 people are working within the Group.
The key competence of Kampmann is the development and production of visually refined, custom-made, project-based solutions, especially in the segment of trench units.
The manufacturer’s Katherm trench technology offers options that allow to condition the room with regards to temperature (heating/cooling), fresh air supply, low noise levels and energy consumption to create a comfortable indoor climate in an architectionally discrete and aesthetic way.

Ideal Standard

For over 100 years, Ideal Standard’s mission has been one of Innovation and Design to make life better for our customers. We can look back on a proud history of pioneering innovation that truly shaped the industry. And a strong design heritage working with the Master Designers of their era who helped elevate Ideal Standard into the Culture of Design. Partnering up with renowned Italian design studio Palomba Serafini Associati in 2018, we mark the beginning of a new era. An era of Innovation and Design that meets the needs of our customers and the demands of modern life. We look forward to continuing our journey of shaping the future of modern living. A journey we are on together – with our customers, our partners and our employees. Together for Better



For more than three centuries, Balsan has been a key player in textile design. Originating from a Manufacture Royale, then bought by Pierre Balsan in 1857, the French company maintains entrepreneurship and desire to innovate. His audacity led Louis Balsan to import the tuft technique in France, a technique that is still widely used today by manufacturers of textile floorings. In 2006, due to its rapid expansion, Balsan joined the Belgian Belgotex International group.

Proud of its Berry origins, Balsan has two industrial sites located in the heart of a prestige natural environment near Châteauroux, which is perfectly preserved. Forerunner of sustainable development, the company multiplies its actions to preserve its natural environment: zero landfill waste, partnership with the ONF, use of Econyl® yarn, activated sludge water plant, waste recovery.

With a surface area of ​​45,000 sqm, the Arthon manufacturing site is dedicated to the manufacture of wide width carpets, while the Neuvy-Saint-Sépulcre site specializes in the manufacture of planks and carpet tiles. This 100% Made in France manufacturing creates colorful carpets with a strong creative potential, for Office, Hotel and Home.

Balsan offers its know-how in France and worldwide. The company relies on the skills of its 250 employees and generates an annual turnover of nearly 70 million euros, 45% of which comes from exports.

Balsan’s philosophy is to think of the floor as a true means of expression on its own. Balsan exploits the creative potential of carpet through colors: the true DNA of the company.

The company is also committed to supporting young artists by setting up partnerships with French and International Design Schools (Dare Your Dreams®) or by organizing exhibitions for young designers (Marta Bakowski and Laureline Galliot).

B / iconic pieces

Our iconic collections: French Couture, Mix-Up and Macro-Micro (Peak to Marble)

French Couture: https://www.balsan.com/content/collection-french-couture

Inspired by Haute Couture, Balsan offers a new collection of exceptional coating, dedicated to the world hospitality and office. The most noble materials and the most sophisticated techniques are composed of these precious textile coatings. The tones harmonize with the walls, the reliefs create hand-stiched effects for a resolutely Couture collection spirit.

Mix Up: https://www.balsan.com/content/collection-mix-planks

Balsan is unveiling its own Mix and Match trend :“Mix-Up”, a new collection of modular carpets, serving creativity and personalization.

Mix impressions, effets, colors invent patterns. Create a graphic effect, an explosive shock or more serenely, enhance

the shades. The goal is to express the unique personality of the place, to embody

the client’s company’s image. An artistic exercise that transcends any creator!

26 references available, modular, planks, or both mixed together.

Peak to Marble: https://www.balsan.com/content/collection-peak-marble-macro-micro-0

The Macro Micro concept is an inspiring style exercise that plays on three perspectives: Scope (top of the mountains), Vision (facing the purity of the marble) and Zoom (the heart of the material). Balsan is once again developing its Macro Micro concept by taking inspiration from the mineral world with its new Peak to Marble collection.

Available in six mineral colors, with touches of vivid and subtle colors, Peak to Marble is complementary with the Pilote2 tile collection. This collection opens the field of possibilities by playing on structures and design.



The EGGER Group is one of the world’s leading wood processing companies. The family-owned company, founded in 1961, today produces a comprehensive range of coreboards made of wood-based materials (chipboard, OSB and MDF boards) at 19 locations. Most of the base materials are upgraded with on-trend decors and surfaces.

For 25 years now, our architect advisors have been supporting interior designers and planners throughout Europe with the best service. They provide solid specialist knowledge and advice on all aspects of use concerning our products. It is, therefore, natural for us to lend our support to an important industry event such as the Architecture and Design Network Summit.


Pergo is the inventor of laminate flooring and designs durable flooring solutions for 40 years. Today we are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive product ranges for commercial projects worldwide. Innovative thinking, inhouse design and own manufacturing have broadened our portfolio to wood parquet, vinyl, laminate and the full range of accessories. Flooring runs in the family as Pergo is part of Mohawk Industries, world’s leading producer and distributor of quality commercial flooring, with a heritage of craftsmanship that spans more than 130 years. Caring for the environment has always played a central role in everything we do. As a testament to our efforts, Pergo was the first flooring manufacturer ever to achieve the official Nordic Ecolabel, the Green Swan. Through our parent company UNILIN, Pergo flooring is also the first to receive the European Ecolabel for laminate flooring, along with other certificates and quality requirements. www.pergo.com/professionals


Trimo is one of Europe’s leading companies offering complete building envelope solutions in the area of fire resistant and innovative, flexible, aesthetical, functional and energy-efficient façade, roof, rainscreen, backing wall and modular space solutions.
Established in 1961, the company’s excellent reputation for innovation, quality and customer support continues to impress as new markets and new opportunities are explored.
Expert knowledge, sustainability, reliability and a focus on the future are all basic components that have taken Trimo around the world. Today Trimo sells its building envelope systems and services under its own brand across more than 100 countries worldwide with more than 55 million m2 facades and roofs sold to more than 20 thousand customers and partners. It has established a sales network in more than 30 countries and has production facilities in Slovenia and Serbia. Portfolio of their partners includes companies such as Airbus, London Heathrow Airport, Nestle, Philips, DHL, Lidl, Porsche, IKEA, Prologis, Mercedes Benz, Coca Cola and many others.
Trimo dress code is unique architecture – their products are manufactured with a product formula that is optimized for customer needs, building segment and a specific location. Specific product formulas were developed for data centre, warehouse, renovation, backing wall and flat roof solutions and they continue to create even more by following markets´ needs.